Rich Media Monetization (RMM)

Inform’s updated RMM player delivers superior page monetization and relevant, configurable video feeds from Inform’s
unrivaled video offering. This mobile-first unit turns smartphone and tablet page views into a highly profitable revenue stream.

Seated comfortably in a website’s right rail, this product previews video playback via rich-media monetization (RMM), then transitions into a carousel of thumbnail images that, when clicked, launch the video player in a modal window–to begin content playback with an accompanying pre-roll ad.


  • 3X Mobile Revenue Increase from version 1.0, with the help of a best-in-class ad platform
  • Implementation requires little work on publisher side
  • Programmed with latest breaking news video or preferred
    custom playlist
  • Inform’s premium content and monetization also available
    through RMM player engagement
  • HTTPS compliant
  • Superior monetization for mobile and flash and non-flash
    monetization for desktop environment
  • Upgraded controls, safeguards against unwanted behavior
  • Muted video ads
  • Create and edit revenue products