Promo Player

Inform’s new Promo Player delivers superior page monetization with a focus on the recirculation of your stories to increase revenue per page and page views. This mobile and desktop compatible player is the lightest product yet from the Inform development team.

(Please Note: if you do not see the Promo Player below, please disable ad blocker; you may need to clear caches too)


New Revenue Stream

  • Increase monetization and page value
  • Promote your own stories
  • Grow page views

Publisher-Approved UX

  • Muted, auto-start, light-weight player
  • Dynamic playback of images linking to stories, with ads included in rotation
  • Encourages the reader to interact with live content

Achieve Optimal Monetization

  • Story page placement, in-between paragraphs
  • Minimum height of 300 pixels
  • RSS feed containing image, article URL and article title