Perfect Pixel

Inform’s Perfect Pixel allows editors to embed video directly onto website URLs without having to leave the page or touch an embed code. Perfect Pixel brings the control room directly to the website and removes the need to log into an internal CMS or the Inform Control Room. With Perfect Pixel, you can install or update a video with just a couple of clicks.

How It Works

Perfect Pixel is an applet that installs quickly and easily right into your web browser. To use, simply navigate to the previously set up page on your site where you would like a video, and launch the app from the bookmarks bar.

You can search for videos and add, remove, or update them right from the Perfect Pixel app. Offering top-tier video content to your audience has never been easier.

For more details on getting Perfect Pixel running on your site, see our Perfect Pixel Implementation Guide.


  • Embed video directly onto article site.
  • Search for video within the Perfect Pixel application. Basic and advanced search options are available to search the Inform Control Room without having to leave Perfect Pixel or log into the Control Room separately.
  • Customize video installations to address site URL changes (aka wild cards).


Create content faster

  • One-time set up
  • Simply install the Perfect Pixel DIV(s) in the templates you desire

Inline video embedding

  • Install, remove, or replace videos right from the page you want to edit

Improved workflow

  • Fewer clicks to complete a task
  • Search the Inform Control Room right from Perfect Pixel
  • Edit websites in one step