Inform InView 2.0

Take advantage of the unprecedented demand for premium-placement video dollars with our newest video advertising product: Inform InView 2.0! InView inserts an ad-first, customizable video player seamlessly between paragraphs in a publisher’s story, creating a prime experience and opportunity for advertisers, and opening up new inventory for publisher sales teams.

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The InView player is an ad experience that begins when the user scrolls the unit into view, which displays an ad prior to its custom content, mimicking our Single UI product in this respect, and creating new video impressions on both desktop and mobile. The sound is off upon ad start and can be activated by the user with a toggle on the player; furthermore, as part of the customization suite, publishers and web developers will have the option to display or not to display thumbnails.

77% of agencies and 70% of advertisers say the InView format–known as “outstream” advertising–will be an important part of their clients’ overall advertising portfolio going forward.

– Forrester, June 2015


  • InView creates a new stream of revenue for publishers with a responsive, lightweight player that works on mobile and desktop templates.
  • The InView player only activates when the player is scrolled into view, creating high value (viewability) with minimal impact to publisher layouts and page load.
  • InView is extremely easy to deploy. No design work or page modification is required.
  • Publisher sales teams can sell into InView immediately, creating a new opportunity for local clients.


  • InView is a new video format placed directly between paragraphs in a publisher story template.
  • The player and ad experience load when the reader has scrolled to the appropriate position on the page.
  • Upon completion, InView Version 2.0 will now follow the ad experience with the Inform Premium Content Single UI Player
  • Publishers and Web Developers may now customize the player with tailored playlists, and may also choose to display or not display thumbnails.