Editor’s Choice

Inform offers a groundbreaking automated video solution for digital publishers, to optimize viewer experience and revenue with ease. Editor’s Choice allows publishers to dramatically increase video consumption by effortlessly automating the placement of relevant, engaging videos to existing stories.

What is Editor’s Choice?

Editor’s Choice is the first publishing solution to leverage the collective decisions of thousands of digital editors to programmatically insert highly-relevant video matches into online articles. These decisions are recorded from manual placements made via Perfect Pixel across Inform’s vast publisher base, and converted into automatic video placements of the same content across the same stories. Publishers who have either avoided using dynamic placements in the past or relegated it to lower positions (where their audience will better tolerate matches made only by scanning key words on a page), can reap new value from automated placements via Editor’s Choice. It’s automation without automatons.

Your team will maintain complete editorial control by being able to manage all automated video placements or even set a matching threshold (Good, Better, and Best all having specific scoring minimums to place Editor’s Choice video).


The Editor’s Choice tool is a feature of your existing Perfect Pixel tool, and can be added to your desired article templates with one line of code in your header and another wherever you’d like a placement to appear. From there, it is only a matter of telling your Inform account manager where you’d like to turn automation on.


  • Dramatically increase video views and revenue, without additional strain on your staff
  • Automate breaking news video to be placed live in real time
  • Deliver engaging video experiences with human-vetted matches

Editorial Features

  • Maintain full editorial control by leveraging existing Perfect Pixel workflows
  • Easily override auto-placed video and curate preferred video from Inform Control Room
  • Target automated videos to specific site sections


Inform partners utilizing Editor’s Choice are seeing massive returns–over 300% increase in video views, 3X generated revenue, and 1.5X longer time spend on site.