Dynamic Placement (More Like This)

Inform’s market-leading technology enables the dynamic placement of engaging videos on your story pages without the constant manual efforts by editors. Our technology reads the story and automatically identifies the most relevant and appropriate videos to place on your page, enabling a significant increase in video pre-roll ad opportunities on your site.

In addition, your team retains full editorial control over all dynamic placements. You can remove the player and make changes any time.

Features and Benefits

  • Semantic matching technology compares the text in your post to millions of clips in Inform’s library, enabling embedding of the best video for your post.
  • You identify the location of that placement on your site to match your existing environment.
  • Built on top of Inform’s Perfect Pixel technology, Dynamic Placements work on both desktop and mobile websites.
  • Your editors retain complete control to change or remove any video placements on your stories.

How it Works

  • Implement Inform’s Perfect Pixel technology to connect your site templates and stories with Inform’s Dynamic Placement technology
  • Determine the stories for which you’d like to enable Dynamic Placement
  • Train your editorial team on the Dynamic Placement technology, including their editorial override powers


  • Embed.js in <head> of page (just like any other Inform product implementations)
  • Perfect Pixel placeholder Tag
  • Perfect Pixel placeholder set to Dynamic Placements