Sarah Zeeman


Sarah Zeeman, Senior Director, Publisher Development, is responsible for building and expanding new and current partnerships with Inform’s content providers and publishers. Sarah began working at Inform in 2011 as an Account Manager, bringing several new publishers to the Inform platform and driving their profitability. In her next role as Director of Business Development, Sarah successfully expanded our political vertical, growing revenue for the 2014 political season. Sarah was promoted to Senior Director and is working strategically to grow the revenue for some of our premiere publishing ownership groups.

Sarah has eight years of digital media experience and over a decade of experience in consultative sales. Before Inform, she was previously a Commercial Real Estate Associate for Wildmor Realty, a corporate real estate advisory firm in Atlanta. She provided coordinated real estate solutions for multi-million dollar REITs, including land acquisitions and commercial property development projects.

Sarah currently leads the ONA (Online News Association) Atlanta group, and serves as the Co-Director of the C.A Howell Foundation, a private charitable gifting organization specializing in family shelters, itinerant medical clinic, and non-political educational community affairs. Sarah is also a board member for the Brookhaven Library.

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Economics from the University of Georgia.